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Residential Curbing

Installation of Residential Curbing not only reduces your maintenance efforts and time spent dealing with weeding and edging in your outdoor spaces, it also enhances your home’s exterior look, giving any property the luxurious and expensive look of professionally-installed curbing.

Our premier Residential Curbing comes in a wide variety of textures and stamps to create any look you wish at your East Valley home, including

• Paver
• Castlestone
• Soldier Course
• River Rock
• Large Cobblestone
• Basket Weave Brick
• Running Bond Brick
• Random Stone
• Flagstone Roller
• Wood Grain Roller
• River Rock Roller
• Granite Texture
• Spanish Texture
• Belgian Texture

In order to maintain your curb properly and remain covered by our standard 2-year warranty on our work here are the basic care instructions for your curb no matter where you are located in Phoenix or Arizona:

  1. Concrete takes up to four weeks to cure completely. Take care to avoid damaging the concrete during the curing period with tools such as rakes or shovels.

  2. For the first week, also avoid bringing your new curb into contact with lawn mowers.

  3. Take care that children and pets do not damage the setting concrete during the first 24 hours.

  4. Please engage in due diligence to prevent vandalism – we do not take any responsibility for damage done by vandals.

  5. For the first few days, please do not step on the curb or put weight on it, as it may remain slightly soft and deform as a result.

  6. Some fertilizers and other chemicals can stain the curbing. Avoid bringing the curb into contact with chemicals and wash it off immediately if it does.

  7. Keep sprinklers from directly spraying the curb for the first two days.

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