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Over the years we’ve become the foremost concrete curb installation company in both East Valley and Phoenix, Arizona. As a result we’ve worked on hundreds of projects of all sizes and levels of complexity. We’re proud to have built a reputation as one of the most reliable companies in the field, and to have built up relationships with other contractors, designers, and vendors throughout the area as well.

Our work brings us into contact with many other businesses and contractors working on complex projects, and as a result we gain a direct insight into what businesses do things the right way and treat their customers well.

We also seek to be a resource for our customers. Instead of simply being a one-time contractor brought in and then moving on to the next job, we seek to be a true partner to our customers past and present. Part of that involves being able to offer up Recommended Businesses for different services so we can assist our customers in finishing their projects, protecting and improving their property, and being as well as possible in every aspect of their lives.

As a result of this ongoing (and never ending project) we’re proud to present this list of Recommended Businesses we encourage our clients to use:

Property Protection and Restoration

Arizona Restoration Experts/Water Extraction Phoenix

Landscaping and Greenscaping

A&P Nursery

Harpers Nursery

Personal Health and Wellness

Biggs Chiropractic

We have worked directly with these businesses and personally recommend all of these businesses and have no economic benefit from offering them here. If you use one of these businesses for your own needs, please do let us know and let us know your experience. We take great pride in being a positive force in our communities and in our customers’ lives.