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We’re proud to offer our Concrete Color Chart as a service to our customers to assist them in making design decisions using our curb products in their outdoor commercial or residential spaces. Our process allows for a wide variety of color and texture choices, as well as curved shapes and turns, which gives our customers full control over how their properties look with our curbs installed.

With nearly 50 choices in color, your curbs can be tailored to match almost any landscaping design palette. In combination with our texture and stamp options, very sophisticated designs can easily be achieved that augment the ‘curb appeal’ (pun intended) of your home or business immensely. This kind of control over the final presentation is one of the reasons we’re the leader in curb installation in both residential and commercial projects in East Valley and Phoenix.

The colors displayed here are approximate. Colors are achieved in real world setting throughout East Valley, Phoenix, and Arizona overall by adding pigment to the cement in increments of 94 pounds. This process naturally creates some variation in the colors achieved on-site, depending on mixing times and additives such as tan sand used to firm up the final product. While every effort is made to reach color consistency, we cannot guarantee what you see here will be precisely the color achieved on-site.

While we have endeavored to make our Concrete Color Chart as accurate as possible to assist you in choosing colors for your project, the colors you see here may differ from the installed color for a wide variety of reasons:

• computer monitors are rarely calibrated for accurate color reproduction
• the lighting in your room may not match what direct sunlight will reveal
• mixing and climatic variations on-site can affect final color look


Concrete Color Chart Arizona


Base color sample


Old Rose

0.75 LB CC11

Berry Hill

1.5 LBS CC11

Georgia Brick

3 LBS CC11

Canvas Tan

0.5 LB CC60

Ridgeback Brown

1 LB CC60

Rose Clay

2 LBS CC60

Malibu Taupe

2 LBS CC67

Java Brown

4 LBS CC67


  1 LB CC30

Cattail Brown

2 LBS CC30


5 LBS 2704

Berry Mauve

  2 LBS CC13


4 LBS CC13

River Sand

0.75 LB CC52

Oatmeal Buff

1.5 LBS CC52

Liberty Tan

1 LB CC50

Golden Beige

2 LBS CC50

Pueblo Gold

3 LBS CC50

Amber Rose

1 LB CC16

Sun Bronze

  2 LBS CC16

Salsa Red

4 LBS CC16

Rose Tone

2 LBS 6029


5 LBS 6029

Canyon Beige

2 LBS 600

Western Wheat

1.5 LBS CC58


  1 LB CC34

Copper Clay

2 LBS CC34


4 LBS CC34

Antler Tan

  5 LBS 6478F

Sand Beige

1 LB CC64

Cocoa Milk

  2 LBS CC64

Rich Earth

3 LBS CC64

Desert Brown

5 LBS 610

Toasted Almond

2.5 LBS CC68

Mocha Caramel

5 LBS CC68


1 LB CC54

Natural Honey

2 LBS CC54

Sonoma Gold

3 LBS CC54

Cappuccino Cream

2.5 LBS CC61

Nuss Brown

5 LBS CC61


5 LBS 663

Natural Brown

3 LBS 6082


3 LBS 6082

River Slate

3 LBS CC36

Soft Green

3 LBS CC53


1 LB CC86

Granite Rock

0.5 LBS CC80

Charcoal Gray

1 LB CC80