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Welcome to Create-A-Curb Blog

Here at Create-a-Curb we think more deeply about landscaping, hardscaping, and curb installation than most people – even than most other curb specialists. We’re always learning new things as we work on exciting and interesting projects in East Valley, Phoenix, and throughout the rest of Arizona. You might think we already know everything we possibly can about residential and commercial concrete curbs, but surprisingly there is always something new out there.

When we learn a new design tip or trick for landscaping your home or office, or if we come up with a creative new way to use concrete curbs to control your landscaping, prevent root intrusion, and beautify your exterior spaces, we want to share them. There’s a selfish reason for this, of course – we want to encourage people to learn about the benefits of concrete curbs, obviously. But in general we’re also just happy to see people enjoy their property more.

So here’s where we’ll be writing about our thoughts on landscaping design and curbs, maintenance, and anything else we think might be interesting for our customers, our partners, and anyone with an exterior space to maintain or beautify.

And we welcome your comments! Let us know what you think about our ideas, your experiences with concrete curbs or other landscaping and exterior design elements, and anything else you’re moved to comment on. We want to promote a sense of community between us and our customers, and we’re very interested in what you have to say. So read our thoughts and then dive and let us know what you think!

After all, concrete curbs and landscaping is about making the world a better place one parking lot, front lawn, or office campus at a time. Together we can make the world a better and better-looking place!

Why your house should have curbs

  • Posted On: 11th June 2014
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Importance of Creating Curbs

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"Home is where the heart is" is a true fact. We spend most of our relaxed time at home; it is but natural that we want it to be an amazing experience Read More…

Curbing: The Home Improvement Trend to Stay

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Curbing Your Way to a Beautiful House Exterior

  • Posted On: 29th Sept 2014
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'Home Hearth and Heart' these are supposed to be the basic needs of a man. Home is the place where one rewinds after a busy day. We are more Read More…