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  1. We hope that you are pleased with your recently installed concrete edging. We are sure that it will save you hours of your valuable time in edging and trimming in addition to beautifying your yard. Following are some brief facts and instructions for the care and maintenance of your new "CREATE-A-CURB" concrete edging:

  2. Your new edging is a cement product. Most cement products take approximately 28 days to totally cure. During the next couple of weeks you will need to take extra precautions not to damage your curbing. Items such as rakes, shovels, and other gardening tools need to be used with caution near the curbing during this curing period.

  3. During the first 7 days you ought to keep lawn mowers off of your curbing. The wheels will probably not damage the curbing, but the metal corners on your lawn mower may scratch or otherwise damage the product during its curing period.

  4. Remember that children, adults, pets, and vandals are your responsibility if damage is caused by any of them. You will need to protect the curbing with special diligence during the first 24 hours after it has been installed.

  5. During the first couple of days your new curbing will be "soft." It can be caused to crumble slightly or be scratched if sharp objects come in contact with it or if someone or something puts excessive weight or pressure on it. Again, you are responsible for damage to the curbing by forces out of our control.

  6. Some fertilizers and chemicals will stain the curbing as they would any other cement product. You should alert those doing the fertilizing to avoid spraying their product on the curbing. If you feel they might have sprayed the concrete, you may wish to hose it down shortly after they have finished spraying.

  7. During the first 24 to 48 hours you should avoid direct sprinkler impact on the curbing. After 24 hours a mist would not cause any damage, but a sprinkler within a couple of feet could create some pitting in your new edging.

  8. The Create-A-Curb, Inc. warranty replaces sections due to natural cracking within 2 years.

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